Rehabilitation and Resettlement

Conducting baseline socio-economic survey, advocacy, counseling with PAPs on their rights as far as R&R policies are concerned.
Coordination with NHAI, Civil Contractors, and Supervision Consultants, M&E team, local administration, land revenue offices, community and the project affected people.
Identification of Project Affected People / Family, issue of Identity Cards and assessment of their losses due to expansion of highways.
Preparation of Micro plans and disbursement of money to the PAPs against their individual losses.
Assisting the PAPs to identify suitable resettlement sites in coordination with the local administration and the client.
Skill assessment of the PAPs and providing Income restoration training program in association with competent trainers.
Implementation of IEC on HIV/AIDS along the highways and local school
Consultancy Services for Designing of Rehabilitation Township at Madhudanga and Madhabpur – Integrated Coal Mining Limited
Evaluation and Monitoring of suitable Annuity schemes for the PAPs under R&R Policy – West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation
Consultancy Services for Evaluation and Monitoring Support for Implementation of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Construction Packages IVB, IVD, VA and VC, under Third National Highway Project – SAFHI  (World Bank Funded)
Consultancy Services for Evaluation and Monitoring Support for Implementation of RAP for Package IVB, IVD, VA, VC in the States of Bihar and Jharkhand under TNHP –  SAFHI(World Bank Funded)
Consultancy Services for Monitoring & Evaluation of Implementation of RAP of 4-Laning and Strengthening of Various Sections of NH 8B, NH 15 & NH 14 in Gujarat – SAFHI (World Bank Funded)
Consultancy Services for Uttar Pradesh State Roads Project – Project Coordinating Consultants (PCC) Services  -SAFHI (World Bank Funded)
Consultancy services for Rehabilitation Action Plan and Supervision of Implementation of RAP for Vadodara-Halol Road Project - SAFHI
Consultancy services for Rajasthan Stage Highway Project - Phase IA, Louis Berger Int. Inc. New Delhi - SAFHI
Consultancy services for Social Impact Assessment and Preparation of Rehabilitation Action Plan for PCC Services for Rajasthan State Highways Project – Phase I and IA - SAFHI (World Bank Funded)
Consultancy services for Socio-Economic Survey & Preparation of RAP for PAPS of Baghua Sub-project, Dept of Water Resources, Bhubaneshwar – SAFHI
Consultancy services for Socio-economic Baseline Studies & Preparation of RAP for Indravati Irrigation Project - SAFHI